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Seanna M. Bowen

Data Control and Grants

Seanna M. Bowen is a Professional Counselor and has over 15 years’ experience in the Human Services field.  She is an active volunteer in the West Indian community of Greater Hartford, and through her work, has helped increase the awareness and focus of West Indian cultural, social, political and educational activities in the Metro Hartford community. She has served on the boards of the West Indian Foundation (2014-2016). The West Indian Social Club (2015-2016), and has remained a director on the board of the West Indian Independence Celebrations since 2012. She has served in the capacity of secretary, Director of Public Relations, and is currently the Director of Data Control. She is the founder of The Love Me Workshop, which was founded in 2019, and aims to promote self-love among girls and women. Seanna has served as an on-air media personality on Energy Radio (WERG-DB) and KNR-1 Radio, and has served as a host on various radio and television shows locally. She is a guest writer and content editor for the premier Caribbean website, Seanna is a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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